Shahrukh Khan became the richest actor in the world, leaving behind these Hollywood celebs, know the total net worth

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King Khan’s name has joined the top 5 in the list of world’s richest actors.

New Delhi / Team Digital. The king of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most loved actors. Along with India, Shahrukh has a huge fan following in many other countries as well. Not only this, Shah Rukh Khan is also included in the list of top actors in the film industry. At the same time, another achievement has been registered in the name of King Khan. According to the news, Shahrukh Khan has joined the list of world’s richest actors.

SRK joins the list of world’s top 5 richest actors
Yes, King Khan’s name has joined the top 5 in the list of world’s richest actors. After which he has become the richest actor in the world. In this matter, King Khan has defeated many veteran celebs of Hollywood. Actually, recently World of Statistics has shared the list of 8 richest actors in the world with its official Twitter account. Shahrukh’s name has come at the fourth place in this list. Shahrukh has become the world’s fourth and India’s first richest actor. According to the information of the tweet, Shah Rukh’s net worth is $ 770 million. If counted in Indian Rupees, it is more than 6 thousand 300 crores.

Tom Cruise was also overtaken in net worth
Shahrukh has achieved great success and has left behind the world’s top star Tom Cruise. Tom Cruise is at the 5th position in this list with a net worth of $620 million (5090 crores). So there is Jackie Chan $520 million (4200 cr), George Clooney $500 million (4100 cr) and Robert De Niro $500 million (4100 cr). At the same time, Jerry Seinfeld is at number one in this list with $ 1 billion (8200 crore) net worth. In second place is Tyler Perry $ 1 billion (8200 crore) and Dwayne Johnson $ 800 million (6500 crore).

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