Sweeping the sets, making fun of Ritik due to stuttering, this is how Ritik’s childhood was spent

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Today on Hrithik’s birthday, let us know some unheard things related to him.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Actor Hrithik Roshan, who is called the Greek God of Bollywood, is celebrating his 48th birthday today. Hrithik is one such actor of Bollywood who is very popular not only for his performance but also for his looks. Hrithik has also been awarded the title of Asia’s sexiest man in the year 2019. Today on his birthday, let us know some unheard things related to him.

Worked from sweeping the sets to making tea
Actor Hrithik Roshan, who started his career 22 years ago, has won everyone’s heart with his acting. From girls to boys, their looks are crazy. But very few people would know that today’s superstar has at one time made tea from sweeping the film sets.

Yes, Hrithik Roshan was fond of becoming an actor since childhood. His father Rakesh Roshan himself is an actor and producer. Before making his career in films, Hrithik used to work as an assistant in his father’s home production films. During this, he had to even sweep the sets. Not only this, he himself used to make tea and give it to everyone.

Friends used to make fun of me because of stuttering
Please tell that Hrithik has not achieved this success just like that. He has also worked hard for this. Hrithik, who looks fit today, has had a medically challenging life. Hrithik had a stuttering struggle as a child. Because of this disease, Hrithik used to shy away from going to school.

Even on the day when there was an oral test in school, he did not go to school by making excuses. Because of this disease, his friends used to make fun of him a lot. But he started working on it and by the year 2012, he gradually overcame it through speech therapy. Even today speech therapy is a part of Hrithik’s daily routine.

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