Years later, Zeenat Aman opened up about her relationship with Raj Kapoor, said, “Dev Anand in his book…” Zeenat Aman said there was no relation between her and Raj Kapoor

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Now after years, actress Zeenat Aman has spoken openly about her and Raj Kapoor’s relationship.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Bollywood’s famous actress Zeenat Aman has earned a lot of name from her films. Along with the films of the actress, she was also well known for her personal life. The headlines of Zeenat and Raj Kapoor’s affair used to dominate B-Town those days. Late actor Dev Anand has also written about this in his autobiography ‘Romancing with Life’. Now years later, the actress has spoken openly about her and Raj Kapoor’s relationship.

Dev Anand wrote wrong in his book
Zeenat says that whatever Dev Anand has written and said about Raj Kapoor and their relationship in his book is wrong. During a recent interview, Zeenat said that “Raj Kapoor signed her as heroine in Satyam Shivam Sundaram. And she went there only as an actress. I never had any relationship with Raj Kapoor. There has only been a director-actress relationship between the two of us.”

Jumlas are made to make the story fun
Taking her point forward, Zeenat said that “Raj Kapoor was passionate about his work and I was also like that. But he never asked me why you did not wear white. And you will also see that I never attended his party or White color is not worn on the set. While some stories are put in some jokes to make them fun.

i respect him a lot but he was wrong
Talking about Dev Anand’s book, the actress said that “I don’t know anything about Dev Anand Saab’s point of view. But one thing I can say with full right that he was wrong. I want to say this in my book. Will definitely write. I respect him a lot, but it was not right.”

In 2007, Dev Anand wrote in his autobiography ‘Romancing with Life’ that he had fallen in love with actress Zeenat during the 1971 film ‘Hare Rama Hare Krishna’. But before that, Raj Kapoor signed the actress for ‘Satyam Shivam Sundaram’ and both came closer. Dev Anand further wrote that he was about to propose the actress, but could not because Raj Kapoor was with her.

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