When Bharti Singh was mocked for marriage, the comedian said- ‘People’s taunts used to disturb’

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When Bharti was trolled for marrying Harsh, this was the reaction of the comedy queen.

New Delhi. Comedy queen Bharti Singh wins everyone’s heart wherever she goes with her witty sense of humour. On the basis of her hard work and talent, Bharti has achieved a very high position in the entertainment industry. Bharti’s fan following is also very long but Bharti is also troubled by those who troll her, now Bharti has spoken openly about it in an interview.

Bharti Singh trolled for her marriage
Multitalented Bharti Singh impresses people with her presence wherever she goes, but many times she has to face body shaming. In a recent interview, Bharti said that when she and Harsh got married, many people had made lewd and ridiculous comments on that too.

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Bharti Singh says that she knows that she is fat and accepts it but still people make fun of her. Bharti said that in the comments section people use words like moti, gandi and elephant for her. Bharti further says that she is the daughter of a confectioner, so in that sense she is not even a middle class. He said that “I am from a poor family, so I have become fat by eating such food, so what should I do.”

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people’s words hurt
Talking about her marriage, Bharti said that she and Haarsh loved each other and when we decided to get married, people trolled us for that too. Bharti further said that people believe that if a girl is fat, she will marry only a fat boy. On this Bharti says that “I know I am fat, but this is my life, I can marry anyone.”

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