Vijay Deverakonda gave the gift of Manali trip to the fans, showing enthusiasm

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Vijay has finalized a destination of the trip for his fans.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Vijay Deverakonda has always received a lot of love and appreciation from his fans since the beginning of his career. But to reach this point, he has worked really hard, after struggling all night, today he is at the top of the list of favorite actors of the fans. However, Vijay believes that his fans have a big hand behind his becoming a superstar and he returns the same love every year in the form of Devra Santa. Vijay started this initiative for his fans 5 years ago and due to this many of his fans have become a part of his special program till now.

Vijay gave a beautiful gift to the fans
Vijay made a special announcement on Christmas to thank his fans. In fact, every year Vijay along with #Deverasanta comes up with new and exciting gifts making Christmas super special for his fans, so his planning for #Deverasanta2022 was big and special in which he organized a trip for 100 of his fans. Thought of arranging, which is completely sponsored from his side. For this a poll was done on social media, and whose decision has finally come to the fore. Vijay has finalized a trip destination for his fans and that is Manali.

5 day trip to Manali for 100 people
Sharing it with his fans, Vijay posted a video of himself on social media and said, “Happy New Year, my love. This is ‘Devrasanta Update’. I told you I was going to send 100 of you on a paid trip holiday, food, travel, accommodation. I asked you guys where you would like to go and a lot of you chose the mountains, so we will go to the mountains. I am sending 100 of you on a 5 day trip to Manali. You are going to see snow covered mountains. You are going to visit temples, monasteries, and we have a lot of activities planned. If you are not 18+, I am sorry you must be 18+, and you are following me, just fill out the attached ‘Devrasanta Google Document Form and we are going to pick 100 of you’.

flood in comment section
Many fans got excited hearing this latest update of Devra Santa and flooded the comment section with their comments. You also see a fan writes, “Anna you are looking very beautiful”. So another user says, ‘Great work. I have never seen a Telugu film before. When I saw your work, I saw all your movies with subtitles. May God fulfill all your dreams and give you and your family a happy and prosperous new year…Keep up the good work and make your parents proud…Lots of love and respect…Victory” Another Fan wrote in the comment- Hi Handsome, Happy New Year to you. Lots of love to you,” said a fan, “You have a golden heart and hot face… Knight in Shining Armor”. Another fan says, ‘Love, love and only love to a beautiful soul @thedeverakonda”

nothing less than magical santa
On this another excited fan commented, “Really!! … There are many who want to see the nearby places…. But their wish always remains a wish…. Sacrifice for the family.” Cause…..etc etc…so one can make their wish come true….this is nothing less than a magical santa gift…you are truly a gem @thedeverakonda sir.God bless you and your Bless the family with good health. And may all your upcoming projects be successful, Happy New Year”

Another fan says, “Devarakonda is the most beautiful person” One fan writes, “It is nothing but a pleasure to be a fan of a superstar like you who is going to rock the entire film industry 🤩@thedeverakonda” Another Wrote, “The most handsome man in the world”

Let me tell you, Vijay Deverakonda started this tradition long ago. In the first year, he visited the Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University in Masab Tank and selected 50 fans who followed Vijay on social media, and all were given special gifts by the actor. Then the following year, Vijay posted a video and asked all his followers and fans to send their wishes with ‘#DevaraSanta’. He promised that he would complete at least 9-10 visas. Then last year, he announced the names of 100 winners, who would be given Rs 10,000 each as a Christmas gift.

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