This Kannada actor was slapped by a person due to his controversial statement, video went viral

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Kannada film industry actor Darshan was slapped by a person during a program. Whose video is now going viral on social media

New Delhi / Team Digital. There are many stars in the film world who are often in headlines due to their controversial statements. Many times he also has to face the anger of the fans. In such a situation, now a person has expressed his anger over the star Darshan of Kannada films.

Man slapped Darshan
In fact, a man slapped actor Darshan of Kannada film industry during a program. Whose video is now going viral on social media. It can be seen in the video that in the midst of a huge crowd, someone hurled slippers at him. After which there was a stampede and everyone was shocked by this incident. People’s anger has erupted on social media since the video came out. People are demanding the arrest of that person.

The attack took place during the promotion of the film.
Please tell that Darshan had come to promote his film Kranti in the program. The actor was present in Hospet with the team of his film. Everyone gathered to launch the song of Kranti. There was a huge crowd of fans too. As soon as the actors reach the stage, they are attacked with slippers.

Controversial statement was given about Devi
Darshan is one of the most controversial actors of the Kannada industry. He often creates controversies regarding his statements. This time also he had to bear the brunt of one of his controversial statements. Darshan had said during an interview that the goddess of fortune does not knock at your door. If he knocks on the door, grab him and drag him into the room. There you take off all his clothes. People are angry against Darshan for this statement and they are criticizing the actor fiercely.

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