T-Series releases first fusion track ‘Shutup’ featuring Tulsi Kumar and Kiddie

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Tulsi Kumar and Kiddie’s first song Shutup has been released.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Global sensational singer Tulsi Kumar and Ghanaian music sensation Kiddie’s debut single ‘Shut Up’ is out. This song will make you all dance on the coming new year. So it would not be wrong to say that this is one of the biggest collaborations to happen in the year 2022 between two powerhouses of talent. It is a wonderful fusion given an Indian touch. The song is composed by Tanishk Bagchi along with Jack Knight and Soundmanloss while the song’s catchy lyrics are penned by Kiddie and Bhrigu Parashar.

Directed by Adil Shaikh, the song has been shot in beautiful locations of Kerala which will prove to be a visual treat for the viewers. Excited about their first international collaboration, Tulsi Kumar said, “Shut Up has been a really lovely journey. From Kiddie and I getting the idea for this song to shooting it, everything feels like a dream. Kiddie and I We come from completely different cultures and music is the only thing that has kept us together.He is a diamond, the process of shooting this video was like an adventure as we literally shot the video in 2 days for which the entire The experience felt like a rollercoaster and it turned out to be a fun ride with Kiddie.The song has been recreated with a lot of love and passion, we really hope that the Indian version will be loved by as many people as the original. Get all the love and appreciation.

To this Kiddie added, “Tulsi Kumar is a wealth of talent and when I first came across the idea of ​​recreating ‘Touch It’ I was completely blown away. The Indian version ‘Shut Up’ in collaboration with Tulsi Got me totally excited as the whole song reflects the different colors of India. It not only sounds great but also made the video look grand. Capturing the Indian essence in true sense, I hope We are sure that the audience will shower a lot of love on this version just like the previous one.”

The composer of the song Tanishk Bagchi said, “Shut Up is proof that music is a universal language. It was a great experience to bring two cultures, two different genres together. Even the music video is lovely and Both Tulsi Kumar and Kiddie did a fabulous job for this peppy number.”

The director of the music video, Adil Shaikh says, “The song itself is very upbeat and so I really wanted the visuals to reflect that. We wanted to portray India and what better than Kerala for that. Maybe.The entire video was shot in just two days in Kerala and Tulsi and Kidi’s enthusiasm was amazing, they were ready for anything, which added to the beauty of this music video.

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