Sikkim’s famous boxer and police Eksha Kerung is going to debut with the film ‘Lakadabagha’

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Aksha Keerung will be seen in the role of a ruthless female murderer in ‘Lakdabagha’.

New Delhi / Team Digital. After releasing the character poster and trailer of the entire cast of the film, the makers of Lakdabagga have revealed one of their most interesting cast, Aksha Keerung. Through this film, she is about to start her innings in the film world. Aksha Keerung will be seen in the role of a ruthless female murderer in ‘Lakdabagha’. Interestingly, Aksha Keerung is a real life Sikkimese cop and a professional boxer, biker and model. As a boxer, she has represented Sikkim at the national level several times. In the film, she will be seen in hand-to-hand combat with the protagonist. The film is directed by Victor Mukherjee and produced under the banner of First Ray Films.

Anshuman when asked about casting Axha said, “I love the North East and generally have a lot of respect for artistes across the country. We intentionally, in our previous production ‘Hum Bhi Akele, Tum Bhi’ I took Nikki from the mountains. Because we wanted the story to be a pan-India representation of the LGBTQ+ community, we introduced Jhanvi Rawat, who plays Zareen Khan’s partner. Even though she is Are from Delhi.

He further added, “And now we have taken a step ahead with the film Lakdabagha. Aksha has cast a real life cop from Sikkim. I am a big fan of kill-bills and female killers in action films. When Alok We deliberately decided to cast a cold-blooded female murderer. They suggested Sikkimese actress Aksha who has been a supermodel with the police as well. I reached out to Aksha and she agreed to audition. Being a martial kickboxer, she really fits into the world of the film. She plays the character of ‘Bina Naam Wali Ladki’ in the film and we are very proud to introduce her. Funnily enough, – She actually hurt me physically during our action scenes as she didn’t know how to hold back or act. It was a thrilling experience. She is the surprise packet in the film.”

The film is India’s first film about an animal loving vigilante starring Anshuman Jha, Ridhi Dogra, Paresh Pahuja and Milind Soman. The film is all set to release in theaters on January 13.

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