Shalin Bhanot’s words broke MC Stan’s heart so much, rapper mc stane cries in the bigg boss 16 latest promo

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A video of Big Boss’s popular contestant and rapper MC Stan has surfaced. In which he is seen crying badly.

New Delhi, Team Digital. As the grand finale of Bigg Boss 16 is getting closer, new twists are being seen in the show. After a long journey of three months, the show is now at its last leg. In this, four finalists have already been selected, after which the contestants are trying their best to become the fifth finalist. In such a situation, a video of Bigg Boss’s popular contestant and rapper MC Stan has surfaced. Stan is seen crying badly in this video.

Shaleen Bhanot stunned
MC Stan is one of the contestants of Bigg Boss who is seen to be fearless and fearless in voicing his opinion. His popularity among the fans is also quite visible. Stan initially wanted to leave the show of his own free will but decided to stay on. Shaleen Bhanot’s words upset the strongest contestant in Bigg Boss so much that Stan broke down and started crying. Watch the video to see how Stan is expressing his pain.

In the recent promo of the show, it is seen that Shaleen Bhanot, Shiv Thackeray and Stan are sitting in a conversation. During this, Shaleen says that Shiv has more ability to win the show than Stan. Stan doesn’t like this at all and lashes out at Shaleen, after which Stan breaks down emotionally and says that everyone here tries to put him down and make fun of him.

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