Shahrukh-Salman said this big thing on today’s Heroes, said ‘can’t leave the country on these children’ shahrukh salman comment on new heroes of bollywood

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There is tremendous enthusiasm in the audience regarding Shah Rukh Khan’s film Pathan.

New Delhi / Team Digital. There is tremendous enthusiasm in the audience regarding Shah Rukh Khan’s film ‘Pathan’. Through this film, Shahrukh has made a comeback on the big screen after almost four years. After a long time in Bollywood, people have seen so much enthusiasm and excitement about a film. Today the film has hit the theatres, in which the audience along with Shahrukh Khan, Deepika and John’s characters have also been enthralled.

Shahrukh’s fans are happy with his comeback
The response of the audience about this film is coming out very positively. People are looking very excited to see Shahrukh’s amazing performance in ‘Pathan’. Let us tell you that in this film, Salman Khan has done a cameo role of about ten minutes, in which he is seen saving Pathan from trouble. There is no place for the happiness of the fans to see the pair of Badshah and Tiger in ‘Pathan’.

Who will replace Shahrukh and Salman?
Let us tell you that in a scene of Pathan, Shahrukh and Salman are sitting together and talking about who will take his place now. Shahrukh says that ‘It’s been thirty years, man…now we should leave’. On this Salman says who will take our place? After this, King Khan says in gestures thinking that he is there, to which Salman refuses by shaking his head. Then Salman points to another person whom Shahrukh refuses. Then Shahrukh says that ‘we will have to do it brother, the question of the country is there….can’t leave it to the children’.

If this scene of Pathan is linked to Bollywood, then the coin of both the superstars is still intact in the film industry. No doubt new heroes have entered the film industry, but what Shah Rukh and Salman have, no one else has. Pathan’s dialogue can be seen regarding this, which has clearly been said about the new heroes.

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