Security tightened at Salman’s house after gangster’s threat, watch video

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Security beefed up at Salman Khan’s house after receiving threats.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Despite being in jail, gangster Lawrence Bishroi remains in headlines these days. Recently, Lawrence had talked about killing Bollywood actor Salman Khan in an interview. After this, on March 18, a threatening email has been sent to Salman. In which the gangster has threatened the actor. After this everyone is in Salman’s family. Security outside the actor’s house has been beefed up.

Security beefed up at Salman Khan’s house
Due to the email received by Salman Khan, his family is quite nervous. According to media reports, every member of the actor’s team, from his family member to the actor’s team, is very careful about the actor’s security. Everyone’s happiness and peace has been ruined by the threats of the gangster. However, as soon as this information was given to the police, the police immediately swung into action and started making strict arrangements for the security of the actor. For the time being, the police have asked the actor to modify his schedule and have advised him to stay away from on-ground events. At the same time, Salman’s film Kisi Ki Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan is also very close to its release. That’s why events are yet to happen for the promotion of the film. Please tell that currently Salman is not in Mumbai. There is no information about his return yet.

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Salman got threatened again
On March 18, a threatening e-mail was sent to Salman Khan’s manager Prashant Gunjalkar, asking him to talk to the actor. This mail has been received in the name of Rohit Garg, in which it is written- “Goldie Brar has to talk to your boss i.e. Salman Khan. She might have seen the interview, if you haven’t seen it, then see it. If you want to close the matter, then talk.” Get it done. If you want to do face to face, then tell that too. I have informed you in time, next time you will get to see only the shock.”

Who is Goldie Brar
Let us tell you that the real name of Goldie Brar is Satinderjit Singh. According to the police, he has already been involved in crime and lives in Canada only in the year 2017. But even from Canada, he was continuously involved in criminal incidents and especially in India, he not only ran extortion rackets in collaboration with gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, but also was involved in many other serious incidents like the Sidhu Moosewala murder case.

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