Salman Khan burnt his father’s entire salary on Diwali! Story told in Bigg Boss bday special fact salman khan had burnt his father s entire salary on diwali

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Manish asks Salman that there is a rumor about you that you burnt your father’s entire salary in Diwali.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Bollywood superstar and everyone’s life Salman Khan will celebrate his 57th birthday on 27th December. The craze of fans for Salman Khan is such that the celebration of his birthday starts many days in advance. Fans eagerly wait for this special day of Salman, the life of millions of hearts. His birthday celebration was also seen in the recent episode of Bigg Boss. Where Salman has revealed many stories from his childhood. So let’s know about one of those stories.

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss, Manish Pol reached to celebrate Salman Khan’s birthday. Where he got a special dance tribute from the contestants for Salman’s birthday. Seeing which Salman was very happy. After which Manish did some fun activities and asked Salman about the rumors that how much truth is there in them.

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Manish asks Salman that there is a rumor about you that you burnt your father’s entire salary in Diwali. Responding to this rumour, Salman said that yes, this is not a rumor but a fact. He told that- I would be 6-7 years old at that time, it happened in the afternoon that I was burning something in the basket. So I was looking to find something, paper-newspaper etc. which I could put, then I saw my father putting some paper at one place. So I went and took that too, then realized that I had burnt some seven and a half hundred rupees. My mother scolded me a lot. But father didn’t say anything. He told his mother, ‘He knew little that it was money, if it gets burnt, it gets burnt’

Salman told that the condition of his house was not good at that time. His father had come to Mumbai from Indore with 60 rupees. Had to run the house for the whole month with money. In such a situation, at that time his mother had to struggle a lot to run the house. At that time the neighbors helped them. All were of the same range. When they realized, someone had given something or the other. Due to which the whole month was spent.

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