Ravi Kishan had given his heart to his wife in 11th class, interesting love story know about ravi kishan interesting love story

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Actor Ravi Kishan married his childhood sweetheart Preeti in 1993 on 10 December. Love story of both going on their wedding anniversary today

New Delhi / Team Digital. Ravi Kishan, the superstar of Bhojpuri films, is an artist who has not only worked in his regional language films but has also shown his acting prowess from South to Bollywood. Apart from campaigns, Ravi Kishan has also achieved a good position in politics. The actor has been in headlines many times about his professional life, but he rarely talks about his personal life. Actor and MP Ravi Kishan is celebrating his 29th wedding anniversary today. So let’s know about their love story on this special occasion.

First meeting with wife Preeti was in school
Actor Ravi Kishan married his childhood sweetheart Preeti in 1993 on 10 December. The love story of Ravi and Preeti is no less than a film story. Ravi Kishan told in a conversation that he and Preeti first met in school time, at that time Ravi was in 11th class. At the same time, he had fallen in love with Preeti, and he had decided that he would make Preeti his life partner.

Touches wife’s feet after sleeping
Please tell that Ravi Kishan loves his wife very much. He revealed in an interview that he touches his wife’s feet after sleeping. Because his wife will not allow him to do so while awake. Not only this, Ravi lost his three daughters and mother’s legs too. , Ravi Kishan had told that when he was in the days of struggle, he had to starve many times. But his wife did not leave him during his difficult days. For this reason, Ravi Kishan believes that the biggest credit for the success he is at today, goes to his wife only.

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