Rakhi’s brother Rakesh thanked Salman, said- ‘My mother because of brother…’

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Salman Khan also called Rakhi and expressed his condolence for the mother’s departure.

New Delhi. Entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant is going through a lot of grief at the moment. Rakhi’s mother has passed away on Saturday night. Rakhi is in bad condition by crying because of her mother’s departure. Many stars from Bollywood and TV had come to console Rakhi. It was told that even Salman Khan had called Rakhi and expressed grief over her mother’s departure. Rakhi’s brother Rakesh has disclosed this thing.

Rakesh told that his mother was in a lot of pain due to illness. The cancer had spread to the kidneys and lungs. Due to which multi organs had failed. His mother also had a brain tumor. He even had a heart attack before his death. Rakhi’s brother told that Salman Khan had called Rakhi.

Rakesh said- All the people associated with the industry called us and expressed condolences. Salman Bhai also called and talked to Rakhi. Everyone who helped mother and Rakhi had reached out to us. Especially thanks to Salman sir, brother, my mother lived for three more years because he got her operated and bore all the expenses. Last time he brought back our mother. He calls Rakhi. Everyone from the makers of Bigg Boss is mourning her departure, because the mother has also worked in films. In which Rakesh Khanna sir was there, everyone in the industry is giving him love.”

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