Rakhi Sawant married with boyfriend Adil, but then the actress got cheated

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Rakhi Sawant’s marriage is getting a lot of buzz on the internet these days.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Rakhi Sawant’s marriage is getting a lot of buzz on the internet these days. The actress stays in the limelight for her personal life more than her professional life. The actress had secretly married her boyfriend Adil Khan about 7 months ago. But now Adil is trying to get away from this marriage. After which the actress has shared the photos of the wedding on her Instagram account, in which there is also a picture of the marriage certificate of her marriage.

Rakhi’s husband refuses to marry
Rakhi is very sad on Adil’s refusal from this marriage and is calling the marriage legal. The actress says that “After getting married, Adil asked me not to reveal this marriage because of his sister’s marriage. I trusted him and went to Bigg Boss Marathi season 4. Many things happened inside and outside the house which was beyond my limits. That’s why now I have shared my wedding pictures on social media. I was very scared. Adil loves me but why is he denying our marriage I am sure he is under pressure from his family for sure.”

Rakhi’s marriage is completely legal
The actress told that she got married with Adil under Halala. Rakhi further said that “I have married under halala. Many people do haram i.e. illegal but I have done halala, I am not wrong.”

Rakhi says that “Adil has also stopped talking to her. My mother has brain cancer, she is admitted in the hospital. I am very worried for her and Adil is not even talking to me. Don’t know with me as well. Why do bad things happen?”

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