Prakash Raj called The Kashmir Files nonsense, then Vivek Agnihotri gave a befitting reply

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Prakash Raj has termed Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir Files’ as a propaganda film.

New Delhi / Team Digital. The debate has started once again regarding the film ‘The Kashmir Files’. This time, Prakash Raj termed Vivek Agnihotri’s ‘The Kashmir Files’ as a propaganda film and called the film rubbish. Recently a video clip is becoming increasingly viral in which Prakash Raj is sharing his views on the Boycott trend regarding Shahrukh’s film ‘Pathan’.

Debate over ‘The Kashmir Files’
Now Vivek Agnihotri, replying to Prakash Raj’s statement, shared a video on his Twitter and wrote that ‘The Kashmir Files’, a small people’s film, has given Urban Naxals sleepless nights. Even after a year, a generation of them is upset about it and is calling the audience a barking dog. So Mr. Darkness Raj how can I get Bhaskar’.

what prakash raj said
Please tell that Prakash Raj went to an event this Wednesday where he expressed his opinion about Shahrukh’s Pathan’s Boycott. Along with this, he taunted ‘The Kashmir Files’ saying that “The Kashmir Files is a useless film and we know who produced it. The international jury spits on the film and the director of the film is asking that we should get an Oscar.” Why are you not getting it?”

Let us tell you that Prakash Raj, while targeting the director of the film, said all these things after the film ‘The Kashmir Files’ did not get an entry in the Oscars, on which Vivek Agnihotri has tweeted.

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