Once upon a time Mohammed Rafi used to learn to sing at the barbershop, the journey is very interesting

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It is very difficult to see the world of music without Mohammed Rafi. There are millions of fans of his melodious and passionate voice even today.

New Delhi / Team Digital. It is also very difficult to imagine the world of music without Mohammed Rafi. There are millions of fans of his melodious and magical voice even today. The songs sung by Rafi Sahab in Bollywood have achieved a different identity and status of their own. The magical voice of the late singer captivated everyone. Today, on the occasion of his birthday, we are going to tell you some unheard stories of his life.

Mohammed Rafi, the master of music, was born on 24 December 1924. Rafi sahab sang songs related to almost every subject. According to a media report, Rafi Sahab has recorded about 26 thousand songs. Rafi Sahab was interested in singing since childhood. His nature was very calm and simple. Rafi sahab used to sing songs imitating fakirs in his village, after which he gradually learned to sing.

Rafi’s elder brother used to have a barber shop, where Rafi used to sit for hours and learn to sing songs by watching fakirs. He used to sing and recite his songs to the people with great enthusiasm. Rafi Sahab took music lessons from Ustad Abdul Wahid. From where the basic knowledge of music was obtained.

Once Rafi Sahab came to know from somewhere that Sehgal ji was going to sing on the stage of All India, so he also reached that program to listen to Sehgal Sahab. But for some reason the electricity went off in the program and Sehgal ji refused to sing, after which Rafi Sahib sang instead of Sehgal ji. At that time Rafi Sahab was only 13 years old. Rafi sahib created such magic with his voice that everyone was blown away.

Rafi Sahab reached Mumbai at the age of 20, after which he sang his first song in the Punjabi film ‘Gul Baloch’. Two years later, Rafi ji sang his first Hindi song ‘Tera Toyona Tuta’ in the Hindi film ‘Anmol Ghadi’. After this song, the wonderful journey of Rafi Sahab’s success started. He made a splash by singing songs in films like Shaheed, Dulari, Baiju Bawra. This magician of music said goodbye to this world on 31 July 1980. Of course he is not among us today but he will always remain immortal in this world through the songs sung by him.

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