Neither father’s shadow nor true love, this is how life of actress Reena Roy

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Today Reena is celebrating her 66th birthday.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Bollywood actress Reena Roy has undoubtedly distanced herself from the cinema world, but even today people are convinced of her style and acting. Reena used to act so lively with her eyes that the audience could not forget her character even if they wanted to. The actress has worked in many superhit films with many actors during her film career. Reena started her career with Danny Dzongpa. Today Reena is celebrating her 66th birthday.

real name of actress reena roy
The life of the actress has been full of many ups and downs. First of all, Reena got a big shock when her parents decided to separate from each other. Very few people know that Reena’s real name is not Reena Roy but something else.

Reena’s real name was Saira Ali. But when the actress’s mother separated from her father, she changed the names of all four of her children. Meanwhile, the actress’s mother Sharda had named her daughter Roopa Roy instead of Saira Ali.

Let us tell you that when the actress entered Hindi cinema, she changed her name from Roopa to Reena. Since then she is known and recognized everywhere by the name of Reena Roy. Reena acted in many hit films as a heroine, then one day the actress met Shatrughan Singh. During the shooting of the film ‘Kalicharan’, the affair of both started happening in the corridors of Bollywood. After which both lived with each other for about seven years.

Everyone is feeling that soon both will get married. But one day something happened that broke Reena completely. Please tell that Shatrughan Sinha suddenly married Poonam and Reena was left alone.

After this Reena Roy decided to move forward in her life and married Pakistani cricketer Mohsin Khan. However, their marriage did not last long and in the year 1990, Reena divorced Mohsin. Presently Reena is running an acting school with her daughter Jannat.

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