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Today AR Rahman is celebrating his 56th birthday.

New Delhi / Team Digital. AR Rahman is such a name in the world of music that today is known and recognized all over the world. The magic of his melodious voice makes people listen to each and every song of the singer. Today AR Rahman is celebrating his 56th birthday. Please tell that Sartaj Rahman of music was born on 6 January 1967 in Tamil Nadu. He has composed more than one superhit and memorable songs in his music career. Even after so many years, people sing and listen to his songs by heart.

AR Rahman became Dilip Kumar
Today, the real name of singer known as AR Rahman in the whole world is Dilip Kumar. But for some reason he changed his religion. After which singer Dilip Kumar became Allah Rakha Rahman. AR Rahman has given superhit songs in many languages ‚Äč‚Äčapart from Hindi in his music career. For which he has also been awarded many awards. Apart from the world of music, Rahman is often in the limelight for his personal life as well. The singer is connected with his fans through social media and keeps sharing his latest photos. Today, on the special occasion of Rahman’s birthday, we are going to tell about some of his selected songs for which craze is still seen among people.

‘only you’
This song by Rahman is from the film ‘Bombay’. Even today people are crazy about this song.

‘hide and seek’
This song from the film ‘Rang De Basanti’ became very popular in those days. Even today fans listen to this song a lot.

‘You and I have become one’
This song was also seen and liked a lot at that time. A new version of this song from the film ‘Bombay’ has also arrived, which people have showered with immense love.

‘without you’
Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai are seen together in this song from the film ‘Guru’. People also liked this song a lot.

‘combat combat’
Tremendous performance of Prabhudeva’s dance was seen in this song. Apart from Prabhu’s dance, people also appreciated Rahman’s singing in this song. A remake of this popular song of that era has also been made.

‘Chaiyya Chaiyya’
This song from the movie ‘Dil Se’ became very famous. People also liked the chemistry of Shahrukh and Malaika in this song.

‘O Humdum Suniyo Re’
This song of the film ‘Saathiya’ was also given immense love by the people. The chemistry of Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukherjee was also well liked in this song.

This song from Aamir’s superhit film ‘Lagaan’ was one of the popular songs of its time. People appreciated and liked this song a lot.

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