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Sony SAB’s upcoming romance drama Dhruv Tara Samay Sadi Ke Pare is based on the lives of Dhruv and Tara, people from two different eras.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Sony SAB’s upcoming romance drama Dhruv Tara Samay Sadi Ke Pare is based on the lives of Dhruv and Tara, people from two different eras. The show presents a love story that has never been seen before on television. Tara Riya Sharma is a Raj Kumari of the 17th century. She travels through time and reaches the present, where she meets Dhruv Ishaan Dhawan, a neurosurgeon by profession. With Dhruv Tara, Sony SAB continues its journey of presenting one-of-a-kind quality content. Which touches the heart of all the family members. The latest offering from the channel, the show is all set to win hearts of the viewers with its innovative storytelling and unique characters.

1. This type of story is new on television. What do you think, how is the audience on this show and its concept
Will you react?
Dhruva Tara’s concept is very interesting, in which a girl from the past travels through a time portal to the present day and falls in love with a man living in the present. This amazing story line makes this show different from others. I believe it has a very compelling attraction story. We as a team have tried our best to ensure that the viewers enjoy the whole story to the fullest.

2. Dhruv is from 2023, while Tara is from the 17th century. The romantic love story between the two is beyond reality and this
Looks out of the world. How do you think about this love story being successful?

Despite being from different worlds, Dhruv and Tara share a bond that transcends time and circumstances. While Dhruv is a witty and charming doctor living a simple life in the 21st century, Tara comes from a royal family in the opulent world of the 17th century. But despite her lavish upbringing, Tara is a down-to-earth girl with a beautiful heart. Their initial differences, however, seem unlikely to lead to love, but prove their true feelings for each other that when it is a matter of the heart, age, time, place, and
Circumstances all become meaningless eventually. True love requires going above and beyond fighting for what you believe in, standing up for your partner and making him/her feel cared for. In this story, when Tara arrives in the present era, Dhruv helps her adapt to the modern world, but how he does it, you will have to watch the show.

3. Time travel is a unique concept for a romance TV show. What inspired you to accept the role of Dhruv?
When I read the script for the first time, I was struck by the uniqueness of the story. I was stunned to see the love between people from two different eras. It was a breath of fresh air amidst the monotony of similar concept TV shows. I felt an immediate connection with the character of Dhruv, and felt like I already knew it was to do the role. I love the way Dhruv is presented as a charming and headstrong young man full of life, and I relate to those qualities on a personal level.

4. How was your experience working for the show? At any level did you relate to or like Dhruv’s character?
I am thoroughly enjoying my experience working on this show. This kind of romance has never been seen before on Indian television, and the time travel element is especially exciting. I can only imagine it. How exciting it would be if time travel were possible in real life. some of the industry
Working with some of the best actors has been one of my most unique experiences. on set and off set
In both cases it has been absolutely wonderful to interact and spend time with them. As far as my character Dhruv is concerned, he is a normal guy of 21st century who is a hardworking and dedicated doctor and loves family. Dhruv is charming and vivacious, and these are qualities I can definitely relate to. I see a part of myself in Dhruv’s character.

5. How do you think about love and relationships today and how do you find it different from how love used to be in the 17th century?
There are certainly differences between modern and traditional expressions of love, and our attitudes toward romance have changed over time. Relationships in the past were characterized by purity, serenity, and spontaneity, and the feeling of love was not influenced by technology at that time. The expressions of old customs were preserved through exchanging love letters, giving handmade gifts, and sending fresh flowers, people loved wholeheartedly and felt the need to publicize their love Wasn’t But, in the present times things have changed a lot. Nowadays people have started focusing more on using their mind instead of their heart in relationships. in romance
The carefreeness that used to be there is gone, and people are too busy trying to be successful to enjoy the simple things in life. Social media has dominated our lives and we feel that we cannot live without sharing everything with the world. I believe it has reduced the magic of love.

6. Yash Tonk, Krishna Bharadwaj and Narayani Shastri are senior actors. How was it working with them and what did you learn from them?
Working with senior actors in the TV industry can be a unique experience. These actors have years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a strong work ethic to show for it. They are always able to provide you guidance and mentorship to develop your skills and grow in your career. I got a chance to meet Krishna during our Ahmedabad city visit and it was a very pleasant experience. We are both spiritually connected. So it was great to be associated with them. I look forward to working with Yash sir and Narayani ma’am in the near future and I am sure I will learn a lot from them. How can I thank more than that I got a unique opportunity to work with such a seasoned artist.

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