‘Dharavi Bank’: Know about Krur Thalaivan and his family, stream free on MX player

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IMBD Ranked 9.7 All Episodes Of This MX Original Series Are Now Available To Stream For Free Only On MX Player

Mumbai With a stupendous 9+ ranking on IMBD, MX Original Series Dharavi Bank has created ripples in the OTT space and has won the hearts of millions of viewers. For those of you who were eagerly waiting to watch it, the wait is finally over as all the episodes are available for free on MX Player. It is streaming on MX Player from Friday, 9th December.

“Don’t touch my family!” This heartwarming dialogue from Nirmam Thalaivan has won actor Suniel Shetty accolades and the same sentiment is at the heart of this thrilling revenge drama series. Fearlessly operating his crime syndicate in the streets of Dharavi, Thalaivan finds himself battling external forces as well as handling internal power struggles in the family he holds dear.

Here’s all you need to know about the gangster family and friends of Thalaivan who make this 10 episode series such an engaging watch.

Sunil Shetty as Thalaivan: Loved by Bollywood and fans ,Anna’ To be told, Suniel Shetty easily commands awe and respect as Thalaivan in his white shirt and dhoti at Dharavi Bank. A local don who has become the most powerful and ruthless leader of a 30,000 crore empire lives in a fort in the slums of Dharavi. Usually calm and composed, he is vindictive and unpredictable and his actions will leave you surprised. While he is a messiah to some, he ruthlessly tracks down his enemies and leaves no chance to prove his dominance among them.

Shanti Priya as Bonamma: This 50-year-old unmarried sister of Thalaivan, played by the versatile actress, Shanthi Priya, is worshiped as a deity, but she is still struggling to make ends meet. Unlike any other average sibling, she is greedy and tyrannical and puts her hunger for power above anyone else and even she is the strong emotional person in the family.


Sandhya Shetty as ParvatiThalaivan’s eldest daughter, Parvathy played by actress Sandhya Shetty is a simple and family girl. Unlike his siblings, he has no devious plans to alienate or harm his father.

Vamsi Krishna as Shiva: Shiva is the angry, arrogant, insensitive eldest child of Thalaivan. At the age of 30, Shiva is well aware that the people of Dharavi only respect him because of his father, and wants to erase this image of living in the shadows. Shiva dreams of someday sitting on his father’s throne… but can he?

Siddharth Menon as Veerbhadra: Thalaivan’s youngest son Veerabhadra is an educated and ambitious 26-year-old youth. Played by actor Siddharth Menon, Veerabhadra is a carbon copy of his father. People not only respect him but also feel that he is the rightful heir to the kingdom of Thalavian. However, he also has a deep, dark secret, which when exposed will change many equations.


Bhavana Rao as Deepa: Thalaivan’s youngest daughter, Deepa, played by actress Bhavana Rao, is a formidable character that the viewers will witness in Dharavi Bank. Being the daughter of the kingpin who controls such a prosperous crime syndicate, Deepa, a lawyer, has chosen to live her life away from the criminal ways of her family. A strong minded woman, Deepa is not afraid of anyone and stands firm for living her life independently.

Rohit Pathak as Rajan: Rohit Pathak plays the role of Thalaivan’s son-in-law, Rajan. Unlike the others in the family, Rajan is a true-blue loyalist to the Thalavians. Considered the right-hand man of Thalavian, he diligently follows instructions and can go to any extent to fulfill his master’s orders. But, his loyalty to Thalavian made him the enemy of many others.

Luke Kenny as Michael: Michael is Thalaivan’s oldest associate. Played by Luke Kenny, he is considered one of the strongest pillars of this long-standing empire. His loyalty to Thalaivan and his family is unquestionably strong. However, he has to deal with factions within his circle who can be used in the war against Thalaivan.

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