Bigg Boss 16 grand final salman khan says he is single with his choice

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Though many beauties have entered Dabangg Khan’s love life, but still till date Salman is a bachelor. The actor revealed the reason for being single in the grand finale of Bigg Boss.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Bigg Boss host and everyone’s favorite actor Salman Khan is one of the most popular bachelors of Bollywood. Although many beauties have entered Dabangg Khan’s love life, but still Salman is a bachelor till date. The actor’s personal life has been full of ups and downs that now he has no thoughts of getting married. On the other hand, Salman has now said something that everyone is feeling that the actor is not liking being his bachelor.

Salman Khan pulled Shaleen
Let us tell you that yesterday was the grand finale of TV’s most popular reality show Bigg Boss 16. During which Salman had a lot of fun with the 5 selected contestants. When Shalin Bhanot came on the stage of Bigg Boss after being evicted from the show, Salman pulled him a lot. Dabangg Khan teased Shaleen a lot while gifting him a buzzer.

why is salman a bachelor
Shaleen Bhanot said that he has learned something from Salman, and he too is now planning to live alone like Dabangg Khan. On this, Salman says that “I am not single by my choice.”

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