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Vanraj gets a job, Maya reaches Anuj… read how will be today’s episode

New Delhi. The latest track of TV serial Anupama is running very emotional. The lives of the main characters of the serial have completely changed after Anuj left the house. Anupama has made a new beginning in her life. Here in the Shah family, Vanraj’s life is also going to change. He shares a great news with the housemates with a lot of attitude. After Anuj leaves, Barkha starts thinking of herself as the mistress of Kapadia House.

Anupama made a new beginning
In today’s episode of the serial, you will see that Anupama thanks her mother and brother for keeping her courage in trouble. On this, Kanta asks her if she is fine. Anupama says that she is not fine now but will be fine soon. Bhavesh gets happy hearing this and says that he has not eaten properly for the last two days. After this Anupama smiles. Anupama leaves the house for work and Bhavesh tells her that he will drop her. On this, Anupama says that both of you should be my shield and not crutches. Anupama herself goes out during this time the women of the locality will also taunt her.

Barkha became the mistress of Kapadia House
Anupama remembers Anuj. On the other hand, Anuj starts having hiccups. He understands that Anupama must be missing him. Whereas in Kapadia house, Barkha has started running her arbitrary. She asks to take out things like white sugar, white rice, turmeric from the kitchen in the house. She asks to remove indigenous plants from the house and plant English plants.

Vanraj’s job
Vanraj gathers everyone in the Shah family to share a good news. After which he tells that he has got a job in a very big company. Now he will earn a lot of money. After this he tells Toshu that if he gets well soon, he will also get him a job in his company. Everyone in the house gets happy hearing this news and congratulates Vanraj. Anupama remembers Anuj and says that he may stay away from her but be happy.

Anupama calls Anuj
On the other hand, hiccups bother Anuj and he is about to call Anupama when Maya reaches there. Anuj is shocked to see this and his hiccups also stop. Anuj asks Maya about Choti and she says that she has gone for a picnic. Maya tells Anuj that she has brought clothes and grooming kit for him. So that he can fix his condition, otherwise the younger one will feel that we both had a fight. In the precap of the show, it is shown that Anupama calls Maya but Maya disconnects the call. When Anuj asks Maya whose call it was, she makes up lies.

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