Ali Zafar furious over Javed Akhtar’s statement on Pakistan, wrote- ‘I am proud to be Pakistani’

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Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar furious over Javed Akhtar’s statement on Pakistan

New Delhi. Bollywood’s famous lyricist Javed Akhtar recently went to Lahore and strongly condemned the 26/11 Mumbai attacks on Pakistan and showed the mirror to the government and the people there. In India, Javed Akhtar is being praised for this statement, but Pakistani celebs are objecting to it. Now the reaction of Pakistani singer and actor Ali Zafar is to be revealed on this statement.

Ali said this on Javed Akhtar’s statement
Ali Zafar shared the post on his Instagram story, in which he wrote- ‘I am proud to be a Pakistani and naturally no Pakistani would appreciate any statement against their country or people. Especially in an event meant to bring hearts closer. We all know how much Pakistan has suffered and suffered from terrorism and the like. The insensitive and unnecessary comment may have hurt the sentiments of many people.”

Ali trolled for praising Javed Akhtar
Please tell that, after the event, Ali Zafar had praised Javed Akhtar’s songs. After which he was trolled a lot on social media. After which, while giving his clarification, he also mentioned the comment of Ali Javek. Ali wrote in his post- Friends, I love you all and really value your praise and criticism equally. But I always request one thing that before reaching any conclusion or decision, please confirm the facts. I was not present at the Faid festival and was not aware of what had been said until the next day. When I saw this on social media.

praised before
At the same time, in his earlier tweet, Ali wrote- “It was an honor to host him, I have always believed that art and music cross borders and are the best way to bring people together. Love is the only way to peace. Thank you @Javedakhtarjadu Sahab for gracing us with your presence. Thank you Faiz Sahab for keeping us together.”

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