When superstar Rajesh Khanna was slapped by ‘Comedy King’ Mehmood

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So let’s know that story on Rajesh Khanna’s birth anniversary today

New Delhi / Team Digital. Who does not know the superstar of Hindi cinema, Rajesh Khanna. Rajesh was the heartbeat of millions of hearts during his time. His stardom was such that his female fans used to kiss the actor’s car and turn it red. People were eager to get a glimpse of him. But with Rajesh Khanna, who had so much stardom, such an incident happened during that period, which no one would have guessed. Legendary actor Mehdood slapped superstar Rajesh Khanna. So let’s know that story on Rajesh Khanna’s birth anniversary today.

Mehmood slapped superstar Rajesh Khanna
During the shooting of the film in 1979, something happened between Mehmood and Rajesh Khanna after which Mehmood slapped Kaka. Actually, Mehmood was making a film named ‘Janata Havaldar’. Rajesh Khanna was also cast in this film. One day when Rajesh Khanna was on the sets for the shooting of the film. Where he met Mahmud’s son. Mehmood’s son just said hello to Rajesh Khanna and moved on. That’s the only thing Kaka didn’t like. He considered this attitude of Mahmood’s son as his insult. After this, Rajesh Khanna started arriving late for the shooting.

Mehmood started having a lot of trouble due to Rajesh Khanna’s late arrival on the set, Mehmood had to wait for hours on the set. One day the dam of Mahmood’s patience broke. According to reports, one day when Rajesh Khanna reached the sets late as usual, Mehmood slapped him in anger and said – Tum superstar apne ghar ke hoga, maine yehan tumhe full paise ki film diya diya, you have to complete it. Will have to

Mehmood-Rajesh’s sentence was very much discussed
After Mehmood’s move, Rajesh Khanna’s stardom stopped for a moment. However, after this Rajesh Khanna started coming on time on the sets of the film. This sentence of Mehmood and Rajesh Khanna was also discussed a lot at that time.

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