This is how the trend of Holi started in Bollywood films, Holi was played for the first time in this film

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This is how the process of playing Holi started in Bollywood.

New Delhi / Team Digital. This festival of Holi, colored in countless colours, has always been the favorite festival of Hindi cinema. But Holi scenes and songs are rarely seen in today’s films. At the same time there was also a time when the holy scene used to be very important for the film. From director to actor used to work hard to film Holi scenes. Today we are going to tell you when Holi songs started in Hindi cinema.

Holi was celebrated for the first time in this film
Let us tell you that the practice of playing Holi in Hindi cinema is very old. This series of evergreen colors and pichkari started in the year 1940. This year the film ‘Aurat’ was released, in which people saw Holi for the first time in cinema. Till this time films used to be completely black and white. That’s why the colors of Holi appeared somewhat faded in this film. But in the year 1957, director Mehboob Khan made a remake of this film under the name of ‘Mother India’. In this film, the colors of Holi were clearly visible on the screen, which was also liked by the audience.

Best actors like Nargis, Rajkumar, Rajendra Kumar and Sunil Dutt worked in ‘Mother India’. This film proved to be a super hit at that time. On the other hand, Mehboob Khan had also made a film named ‘Aan’ in 1952 before ‘Mother India’, in which actors like Dilip Kumar, Nadira and Nimmi were there. A Holi scene was also kept in this film. Please tell that in most of Mehboob Khan’s films, a special scene was kept for Holi, that’s why the entire credit goes to Mehboob Khan for bringing Holi in films.

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