The Romantics! Aditya Chopra said on nepotism, said ‘yes there is benefit but…’

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This is the first time filmmaker Aditya Chopra has spoken openly about it.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Ever since actress Kangana Ranaut raised the issue of nepotism, it has become a serious topic for the film industry. This is the first time filmmaker Aditya Chopra has spoken openly about it. Talking about his brother Uday Chopra, Aditya said that he could never become a star due to nepotism. After this he said that Uday is the son of a big film maker but still he could not succeed in making a special identity for himself in the film industry.

Viewers make stars, not nepotism
Aditya says that ‘one of the things that people overlook is that everyone who belongs to a certain background is not necessarily successful. I can clear this point without giving examples of other people. I can prove this by connecting with my own family.

‘My brother is an actor but he is not a very successful actor. He is the son of one of the biggest film makers here. Think he is also the brother of a very big film producer. Whereas YRF launches so many new people but we could not make him a star. After all, it’s the audience that decides whether I like this person, I want to see. No one else.’

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Aditya Chopra then narrated how Uday worked hard for the film ‘Mohabbatein’, starring Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan.

Family gets benefit but
Aditya says yes, if you are born in a film family then there is no doubt that it is easy to get auditions or breaks, but after a point it all stops there.

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