Priyanka Chopra hosted the ‘Last Film Show’ at her Los Angeles home, the actress’s house is very beautiful

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Like the rest of the house, the place where Priyanka held a screening of the last film show for Penn and other celebs yesterday.

Mumbai Priyanka Chopra recently hosted a special screening for the show Chhelo, also known as the Last Film Show in English, at her Los Angeles home. The Gujarati film has been selected for the Best International Film category at the Oscars 2023. Photos and videos from the screening were shared on fan pages, and here’s a closer look at Priyanka and husband Nick Jonas’ Los Angeles mansion with white walls.

A video shared on the fan page gave a glimpse of Priyanka Chopra’s spacious living room. Priyanka’s house also had large paintings and was decorated with large vases and flower arrangements. Like the rest of the house, the space where Priyanka hosted the screening of the last film show for Penn and other celebs yesterday, too, had a rustic-meets-modern vibe. It featured warm shades of cream and beige over stark white through out the furniture and furnishings.

Priyanka and Nick married in December 2018, and months later moved into their massive mansion in Los Angeles, which is estimated to cost ₹144 crore. Located in LA’s Encino neighborhood, their home reportedly has seven bedrooms and eleven bathrooms, along with a huge outdoor space, an infinity pool, among other luxuries.

They live in their LA mansion with daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, who will turn a year older this month. In January 2022, Nick and Priyanka announced via Instagram that they had welcomed their first child together.

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