‘Nyaya Yudh Dharmayuddha’ pays tribute to Drishyam 2 team through Panorama song Music Release Song Nyay Yudh Dharmayuddha ButFLiX

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Justice War Drama War” is a song that pays tribute to all the cast and crew of Drishyam 2.

New Delhi / Team Digital. It is rare that a film inspires an actor to write a song around the film. But that’s what happened to actor Nishant Kumar Singh, who plays Vijay Salgaonkar’s neighbor in Drishyam 2. During the shooting of the film, Nishant got the idea of ​​writing a hip hop song around the film. The song “Nyay Yudh Dharam Yudh” was recently recorded and released as a single with scenes from the film.

Tribute given to the film’s team through song
Nishant’s rap song released on Panorama Music’s YouTube channel, this song is written and sung by Nishant himself, the track is produced and arranged by Jai Rajesh Arya “Nyay Yudh Drama Yudh” is a song which is from Drishyam 2. Gives tribute to all cast and crew. This song is for all those people who worked hard in this film, and this film became the biggest film of the year.

Where did Nishant get the idea of ​​making songs
When Nishant was asked about the idea of ​​making this song, he said- “During the shoot, when Ajay sir walked in front of me for the first time, all his films started flashing in front of my eyes. Ajay sir’s dialogues in the film were played through audio cassettes, repeating continuously in my ears, and that’s where the idea of ​​making this rap song came to my mind and made the song “Nyay Yudh Dharma Yudh”.

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