India’s Ratan Tata has fallen in love four times, the name was also associated with Big B’s heroine

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Let us know the love story of Ratan Tata and Seemi Garewal, who are single till date.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Ratan Tata, the country’s famous businessman and former chairman of Tata Sons, is celebrating his 85th birthday today. Ratan Tata is known for his simple life and personality. He is such a person who has always contributed for the country. This is the reason why Ratan Tata gets a lot of love from the people. Let us know why Ratan Tata, who is single till date, did not get married.

Simi Grewal and Ratan Tata’s love story
You must be aware of the story of Ratan Tata and his American girlfriend. But do you know that the businessman was once in love with actress Simi Grewal. Simi revealed in an interview that she and Ratan Tata were in a relationship for a long time. However, Ratan Tata never spoke openly on this relationship.

Simi had told that- ‘We had spent a long and good time together. Our relationship was great but no one can change the destiny, that’s why our relationship did not reach any point ‘. However, Simi did not clarify the reason for the breakup but said that Ratan is a very settled and wonderful person, money has never been important for Ratan who sits on the height of wealth and fame, he is the one who comes from the front. Look, benevolent, calm and positive.

Ratan Tata fell in love four times
Even though Simi and Ratan Tata could not unite, but even today both are connected with each other. Simi often shares pictures and posts related to Ratan Tata. Some time back Ratan Tata also came on Simi’s show Rendezvous With Simi. Where Ratan himself revealed that he had fallen in love four times in his life. But all four times their love remained incomplete and till today they did not marry. Which they have no regrets.

While Ratan Tata is still single, Simi Grewal married famous businessman Ravi Mohan but their marriage did not last long and they got divorced after 10 years. At the same time, Ratan and Simi are busy with their work.

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