Enjoy these Hi-Fi series on National Science Day, uncover the mysteries of the universe!

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As National Science Day approaches, here are the top 5 must-watch Indian science series available on various OTT platforms.

Mumbai Over the years, there has been a growing demand for such content amongst the audience, to meet which India has emerged as a production hub for remarkable science fiction series. These series highlight the multiple storytelling and talented creators of the country. As National Science Day approaches, here are the top 5 must-watch Indian science series available on various OTT platforms.


Platform: Pocket FM

In this age of technological advancement, science has achieved what was once thought impossible. Teleportation, a concept once confined to science fiction, is now a reality in this fictional audio series. With the ability to transport themselves into the mysterious world of Titan, people can now explore the wonderful world. However, this is no ordinary journey to a different time or place. Titan is a dangerous landscape filled with strange and dangerous creatures. With a mix of science fiction, mythology and action, Shoorveer will be a wonderful treat for the listeners. The sound design and voice acting of the audio series create an immersive experience that transports you to different worlds and brings the characters to life. Shoorveer is a must listen for anyone who loves science fiction and fantasy and wants to venture into a world of adventure.



Platform: Netflix

Netflix’s Leela takes us on a journey to a future where personal freedom is a luxury. The show is set in a world where a fascist regime has taken over and society is divided on the basis of religion, class and purity. The story traces the journey of a mother to find her daughter.


super warrior

Platform: Pocket FM

This was the first time in Shaurya Dal’s 100-year history, when an 11-year-old child achieved the ‘Eklavya’ rank of Shaktis. But after that something happened that suddenly this ‘Eklavya’, once again came to ‘zero’ rank. After many years of hard work, when Dhruv could not reach the same position again, his fiancee challenged him. If Dhruv loses in this challenge, the respect of not only his family, but of the entire Shaurya Dal will go down the drain, and he will be thrown out of the Shaurya Dal.


MOM (Mission Over Mars)

Platform: Zee5

Zee5’s sci-fi thriller series Mission Over Mars is a Hindi Web Series and depicts the inspiring story of four women who played a key role in the Mars Orbiter Mission. And at the same time, the story also throws light on the conflict between the professional and personal lives of the four women.



Platform: Sony Liv (SonyLIV)

CBI officer Shantanu reaches the border areas of India adjacent to Bengal in search of ‘AO26’. The site reveals that the wreckage is not ‘AO26’ but that of ‘JL50’, which was hijacked 35 years ago. Although there are two survivors from that plane. Pilot Bihu and Professor Mitra. Both are the same as they were 35 years ago. The strings of the hijack are from the Azad Bangla organization, which wants to separate Bengal from India.

Director Shailendra Vyas has made a mini-series of four episodes. In this, he told the story of the mission to stop the plane hijacks of the past keeping trim traveling at the center.

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