Chinese singer Jane Zhang deliberately made herself corona positive, users are trolling

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After Jane Zhang deliberately made herself corona positive, users are telling her a lot of lies.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Corona virus has once again created a ruckus in China. Due to increasing number of cases, long queues are also being seen in the cremation grounds. It is being said that 21 lakh people may die in the next few months. While people are trying to save their lives in this horrifying scene, China’s famous singer Jane Zhang has made herself corona positive.

Singer Jane Zhang made herself corona positive
Yes, Jane Zhang has deliberately made herself corona positive. Whose information he gave on his social media, after which users are telling him the truth. Singer Zhang told that she had gone to the house where her friend Corona was infected. She hugged him and got the test done the next day as soon as she got sore throat. After which she was found to be Corona positive.

The reason given for deliberately infecting himself
Explaining the reason for infecting herself, Zhang said that- “I was worried that my condition would be affected during the performance on New Years, so I met a group of people who were corona positive… because my He has time to recover from the virus”.

apologized deleted the post
Please tell that when the singer started being trolled, he deleted the post apologizing. He is currently recovering from the infection.

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