3 shocking facts related to Ritika Singh starrer InCar came to the fore, you also know 3 shocking facts about the making of ritika singh s incar

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3 surprising things related to Ritika Singh’s film Inkaar.

New Delhi / Team Digital. Ritika Singh starrer film ‘Inkaar’ is going to release this Friday. The film, based on a true incident, is creating a cool buzz for its intriguing and thought-provoking concept. The trailer of the film has been making headlines ever since its release. In such a situation, director Harsh Vardhan is getting all praise for the dialogues and making of the film. Here are some facts related to denial that will surprise you.

Use of multiple anamorphic cameras
Let us tell you that many anamorphic cameras were used to shoot ‘Inkaar’. It is very rare to see a film shot with anamorphic cameras. To give the film a widescreen perspective and to maintain the film’s continuity in a moving car, the entire film is shot by multiple anamorphic cameras.

The film was shot continuously for 32 days
The story of this film unfolds in a day, but continuity played a very important role in the making of the film, so the makers decided not to take any break during the shooting of the film and completed the entire film in just 32 days. taken.

Ritika Singh did not wash her hands for 16 days
In this film, Ritika Singh plays the character of Sakshi Gulati who gets kidnapped during the day. To give real depth to the story and portray the emotions of her character, Ritika Singh actually did not wash her hair and hands for 16 consecutive days.

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